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Now is the time to prepare for the road to recovery. With changes constant and released guidance on-going, lean on Sax to stay in the know with the most recent updates made to the relief programs, forgiveness clarifications, best practices for securing aid, and more.

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COVID-19 Recovery Updae


In case you missed it, join Sax’s Recovery Task Force for an update on COVID-19 relief programs and loan forgiveness strategies. Watch the webinar here.

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The Restaurant Revitalization Fund is a critical and exciting opportunity for the restaurant industry. While it’s another helpful program, it also requires attention to detail. See what topics you need to focus on to take advantage of this program.. Read more here.

Small Business


NJEDA Announces Launch Dates for $85 Million Phase 4 of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program Read more here.



The updated coverage period for the Restaurant Revitalization Grant Fund may be extended by 14 months to March 2023. The National Restaurant Association released a list of 39 answers to the most frequently asked questions the group has received since the program was introduced. Click here for a few of the new items to highlight. Read more here.

Restaurants Update


Restaurant Revitalization Fund Update! To find out how to prepare for the grant application, read more here.

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