Investment Management

As an investor, your goal is to reduce risk and maximize returns. With the constant financial rhetoric out there comprised of investment tips, fads, trends and exciting short-term market fluctuations, it can be hard to know how best to navigate the market. Engaging Sax Wealth Advisors provides you with an objective sounding board needed to filter and delineate between the noise and sound investment advice that will enhance your portfolio.

Sax Wealth Advisors takes an academic, research-based approach to accumulating, protecting and transferring wealth with high-quality management of assets, such as stocks, bonds, shares, real estate and other securities. Sax Wealth Advisors provides you with financial freedom while we focus on your long-lasting results based on the goals and objectives you strive to achieve.

Every investor is different, and there is no one size fits all model. Your investments require customized solutions and a tailored approach to address your individual needs. By enlisting Sax Wealth Advisors, you will be armed with advisors who are fiduciaries and only work in your best interest. Your success is our success and we have the tools, resources and knowledge to help effectively manage, preserve and grow your collective investments.