The recent emergence of the coronavirus and its spread around the world has caused an unprecedented health crisis that is affecting the economic outlook and has engendered significant stock market volatility.  After years of market growth and relatively low volatility, > READ MORE

A CARES Act Overview

With much of the country in self-isolation, perhaps you have time to read the entire H.R. 748 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. If you’d prefer, here is a summary of many of the key provisions > READ MORE

Taking a New View on the Coronavirus

You know times are strange when you’re hearing from everyone – from the government to your local grocer – on what to do about the coronavirus. Unless we can source some toilet paper for you (here’s some fascinating commentary on > READ MORE

Three Thoughts During Scary Markets

So, remember all those times we’ve said that investment risks and expected rewards are related? Coronavirus-fueled fears, driving economic insecurities, aggravating a host of simmering global sore spots, spiraling into stomach-wrenching market sell-offs … Be it confirmed. Today’s unfolding news > READ MORE